Manifestation Phase One

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The process of manifestatiOn phase one

What helps in a bumpy road?

 I am not going to sugar coat the fact that when you embark on a monumental life change, things get bumpy.  In my “Embrace the Messiness blog post“, my first blog story of our blog, I spoke of the variety of emotions that one experiences when life changes occur as well as the agony and intense journey toward making a difficult decision -a decision that usually  involves leaving an old and comfortable life for a life of new beginnings, challenges and the uncertainty that every BIG adventure to new heights brings. During the months following my life change, all sorts of things happened to me.  First and most importantly my health improved drastically and the panic attacks I had suffered constantly during the last year at my old job practically disappeared. However, I also experienced some unexpected setbacks. As I started this new journey, I struggled. My initial thoughts were modified constantly and I lived what I called at the time: vicissitudes and I needed to make sure I found a way of  managing myself.  My goal was to stay as adaptable and as optimistic as possible to get through what life threw at me and it was clear to me that I NEEDED TO BE RESOURCEFUL.  I realize that I was my single point of failure. I recognized the need to remain strong and positive while searching for the  tools that would help me succeed.

 I began by making the decision to focus on building a solid infrastructure for all the projects I wanted to work on as opposed to surrendering to the temptation of working on projects that lured me with quick wins. At times I questioned my decision but trusted my instincts. The setbacks continued as  a major event which I was planning with my partners and allies  got postpone due to circumstances that we could not control.  I needed to find ways that helped me to stay grounded and positive while continuing to work hard.  Writing The Modern Rule post has been an incredible experience for me because it keeps reminding me of the philosophy that had helped me throughout my entire life and career.  In addition, early on in the process I made a list of the things that could help me as a professional and founder of a company and in another a list, the tools that could  help me as an individual with feelings and emotions.

One thing that was really important to me was the health of my soul and my mind. I needed to remain strong and positive, not only so that I could share insights with The Modern Rule Community but also for the sustainability of my well-being project. I committed to it, regardless of the day I was having, this was a priority. I then learned and explored different tools and exercises.  I committed to consistency, openness and discipline.  I knew that, this was required by my soul and it became a CRUCIAL part of my life. I discovered the power of meditation (which for years I had convinced myself was not for me) and manifestation and it has helped enormously.  It provides me with a golden moment during my day. This Golden Moment contains a variety of exercises that help to clarify my desires and also keeps me aligned and focused. More importantly the Golden Moment keeps me in a state of gratitude and good spirits.

Today I will describe for you the 3 stages of the Manifestation Process that I use. This process was written by Gay Hendricks, one of my favorites authors, and it has changed my perspective on life in the most incredible ways.  I hope this process will help you in life and will serve as support for whatever you are dealing with at the moment. This week we will explore stage one, the following week stage two and the week after stage three.  I hope you will find them helpful.

 Love, Pili

 Gary Hendricks describes the stages of manifestation in three phases.

1.      The first stage you focus on clarifying what you really want. In the first stage you also need to focus on spotting the patterns of unconscious manifestation that are driving the self-destructive forces in your life.

2.      In the second stage of manifestation you develop the art of loving things as they are.  This step is crucial, because only love is big enough to embrace all the seeming mistakes of the past and the bumps along the way of manifesting all you heart’s desires.

3.      The third stage you move easily through the world, enjoying the spontaneous appearance of seemingly miraculous surprises and gifts. You focus on fine-tuning your view of the world so you can manifest things easily.

In this blog post, we will go over the first stage of the manifestation process. 


Clear Your Space By Understanding How Unconscious Manifestation works. 

This step creates an open space of clarity that allows the Five Wishes (stage two) process to work its magic quicker and with great power. Our old, default programming exerts a pull on us to repeat old, default patterns. Oblivious that we are playing out a pattern, we draw experiences and people to us unconsciously and interact with them in programmed ways.  One way this happens is through having limiting beliefs that got ingrained before you could think for yourself.  Somehow we pick up limiting ideas like “I’m a loser” or There’s never enough to go around. “Then we operate as if those beliefs were actually true.  We keep our old patterns in place by leaving things undone, and those in completions keep us tied to old patterns.  Gary Hendricks provides an example of a client who had a great business idea but couldn’t get it going.  In working with Gary, he realized he still owed money to a group of people from a previous business del.  He made amends started paying them back-suddenly the new idea took off. According to Gary another way we manifest things unconsciously through repeating patterns based on an old wound. 

 Call for Action

Ask yourself the following question: What unconscious patterns am I repeating in my life? Gary exhorts us to ASK THIS QUESTION in a state of wonder, not a state of self punishment. Wonder is the state where the miracles come from.  Gary and his wife have been practicing this exercise with great success for years. People who have been also practicing his exercises have double their love and money without changing their expending or saving habits. If you have pending items to resolve you need to do so before you can fully embark in the process of manifestation.  In this state Gary exhorts us to deal with unfinished business and amendments before moving forward. We can only move forward when we resolve things that we have not face and we need to.  Working on unfinished business is the first step for us to move forward. 


Learn How to Stop Unconscious Manifestation. Unconscious manifestation thrives on complaining.  Gary says that we keep our childhood programming in place by complaining to willing listeners that we have been victimized.  When people challenge us to take charge of our lives, we often get defensive and argue that our limiting beliefs are valid and necessary.  A complaint is only valid if it leads to actin and IS NOT REPETITIVE. For example if someone steps on your toes, you can ask that person to move so that they stop hurting you, then there is an immediate action associated to that complaint.

Gary provides a quick and cold remedy for this behavior: STOP REPETITIVE Complaining.  As an experiment he sent us to put ourselves on a radical COMPLAINT-FAST for one day. Don’t letting a single complaint out of our minds.  Then a second day and then a third day.  After repeating this exercise overtime this results in little and big miracles happening in your life. The circumstances of your life will improved on a regular basis so rapidly that you will start understanding the bad energy that you generate by yourself with the simple and SO PROGRAMMED ACT of Complaining. If you are willing to live a more positive life, COMMIT to this COMPLAINT-FAST and you will see how you start feeling.  Start with a day. Will you commit to a life FREE OF COMPLAINTS? If so, speak the following sentence aloud, from the bottom of your heart:

I ___________, commit to a complaint-free life.  Once you make that commitment, you will be on your way. Gary cautions us: Don’t expect that you will eliminate complaining overnight.  Masking the commitment gets you on the path, through, and that’s all you need to do for now.  Try it this week and let me know how it goes, we will go over the next phase of Manifestation.