The Soundtrack of my Life

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Soundtrack of my life

 There were lots of trains. and musical instruments, a GI Joe that had a bright orange jumper (and was missing a foot because it has gotten stuck in his boot), there were board games, and sports equipment. However, my favorite, by far, was this briefcase; in my memories I see it sometimes military green and other times burgundy.  It had a very sturdy handle and two big lock clips, When I had it with me, it looked like if I was carrying luggage. And I carried it with me everywhere.!  When you opened it, it would reveal a turn table. 

And there I could play  my vinyls. I had 33s and 45s. I absolutely loved that turn table. I played audio books and some kids songs, but I always preferred the music from the adults. Particularly the music of my mom and my aunts.  I really loved music. And so, I would listen to it ALL the time. Little did I know it would become an affair of a lifetime and by far my longest and most cherished relationship.

After my sisters were born and they were older, and later with friends and cousins, I would play them songs I thought were special and would try to convince them to dance with me in the living room, and sometimes even make choreographies.  Basically our playdates many times became dance parties and I was thrilled to be able to be the designated DJ.  Many years later and basically my life really hasn’t changed much.

Music and lyrics have the power to enhance a moment and lift your spirit or comfort you and transform an ordinary day into a date worth remembering.  As far back as I can recall,  I have been listening to, chasing and collecting what I believe are magnificent songs, and I always share these amazing finds with my friends and family.  At parties, I really can't help myself, I always end up taking over the music and playing songs for everyone.  This is what makes me the happiest. This is what has always given me life.   I like to create moments with music, killer transitions of songs that I believe can light up the spirit of anyone.

There is no wonder that songs and sounds can immediately transport me to a specific situation, and a moment in time.   They are engraved in my soul.  A song can sneak in from nowhere and suddenly I am transported to the living room of my cousin Gaby, dancing with her; having drinks in the boulevard of Veracruz with Gerardo, my cousins and friends; in Mexico City DJing at one of our house parties; at a triathlon race next to Cricket; dancing the night away with the boys in San Francisco; on road trip with Alex; solving the world problems with Tere; or singing the night away with my family. My memories are all kept in audio tracks!

While music is powerful, it seems like the older we get the less we connect with it.  I not only refuse to do this but actively try to reverse this for myself as well as for everyone else in my life.

In the 80s I had vinyls and tapes, tons of them;  in the 90s I had CDs, and I also had mini-discs.  I loved them.  They were small digital tapes that I could carry with me so I could always play the music at parties and reunions everywhere.  

Then there were recordable CDs.  I got a not-good-at-all CD recorder (they were expensive!), and for the very first time I was able to burn a set of songs to a CD and create labels and covers. And with that, my playlists were born.  The process was very labor intensive and took quite a lot of time, and yet, it was my favorite thing to do, by far!  To make CDs with music I really wanted to share and give them away to the people I loved.

I created my first playlists more than 25 years ago, and I have never stopped. It's a necessity, it's been therapy lots of times; it documents my life and feeds my soul.

Every playlists is a compilation of moments, special places and people.  They are audio portraits of my life. Vignettes I want to honor and never forget. Finishing  and giving away a new playlist is always nerve racking and exhilarating to me.  I’m kind of putting out there a big part of me.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my music created a reaction in someone I care about.  It makes the whole process so very worth it. 

Pili is a big fan of my playlists, she loves them; and the songs that were at times mine, become totally hers.  When she created The Modern Rule, she asked me to publish the playlists here, and I more than happily obliged. It made me so proud and honored to be asked.   And as this community has grown,  my collections of songs have touched people I probably will never know.  It thrills me to imagine a these special songs playing background to someone exercising or at a dinner party or making better a commute.  It brings a smile to my face.  If music can make your day better I fulfilled one of my purposes in my life. 

I just finished the Spring 2019 playlist.   This particular one documents a big change that is happening in my life.  It's an evolution, of me being more happy and comfortable personally and professionally. 

Its about me being more "me" than ever before, and becoming someone who I really like a lot. And it has moments and songs that will always remind me of these days and this growth.  It's about living on your own terms and I want to believe it is an audio representation of the principles of The Modern Rule.  After Pili heard it for the first time, she told me that it has lots of corazón (heart).  That made me so happy, because a part of my heart is really truly in there.

You should share your life with the people you love, and for me, sharing a playlist is exactly that. Sharing a part of me and at the same time showing you beautiful music that hopefully lights your soul.

I hope that music brightens up your life. Try one of our playlists, I hope you find a song that touches you and becomes special for you, and if it makes a moment of your life brighter, then I did my job, I got close to you and gave you a hug.  I hope it happens, and I hope it happens often.

With much love,


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