The Greatness of the REs


Every time I fell in love it always started with the exchange of words; usually written words. I would never forget how they made me feel and how deep my feelings could grow for someone if we were able to share our most authentic selves through the use of words.   I have always loved words and the power they have to build and restore or to destroy and terminate something. I have a strong relationship with them, and I wrote a paper on the power of words that I will share with you at a later time.

Today, I want to talk about a family of words that give us the ability to have second, third or unlimited chances. These words allow us to change our story, our narrative, and our pathway.  For me they are the Superheroes of Words my beloved REs:

Reinvent, Return, Reflect, Restore, Revisit, Rebuild, Rebirth, Reconstruct, Rethink, Retry.

My story of Reinvention started with me Resigning from a successful executive career to Reinvent and Redirect my energies in Rebuilding my dreams.  These words recognize and celebrate the vulnerability of humans, the power that we have to push through difficult times and move us forward. We can trust these words because they show vulnerability and competence. If I think about it, trust is built when you combine those qualities. The beauty of our own RE superhero words is their ability to help us start over, wiser and stronger.  What are your favorite REs?