Limitless Motivation: Find Your Queens


Find your Queens

How did I get to be the “me” that is confident and celebratory of everything there is about me? Was it a journey or just destiny? At forums and events, the people I meet have asked me the same questions I have been asking myself over the years. First, what immediately ran through my mind after being asked these questions was: What? Do I look like that? I cannot say that these questions were not asked by me in a different fashion but along the lines of how did I get to the point where I truly do not care about what people think about my personal style or the way I conduct myself in life? I have to say on that note, sometimes when people say to me, “I love what you are wearing, but I would never ever ever wear something like that,” I politely smile and for a brief nanosecond I question whether they are complimenting me or insulting me and walk away with one smile and one wish for them: blessings to you and all around you but that is not the point of the story. However, I did give you a tip on how to handle these types of comments, wishing everyone to be blessed is one of the most liberating feelings in life, regardless of people’s intentions… but that is also a subject line for another blog, “Blessings for all.”

To the point of this important story, ever since I can remember (5 years old), I have loved life, music, words, high heels, creating special experiences, partners in crime, and dresses. As I grew up, I loved creating stories with my outfits. I loved matching them with however I was feeling and the empowering sensation of a very high heel and a big smile on my face. I knew not everyone had a relationship with their clothes and life the way that I did, but I was not overly concerned about others. I have always focused on my journey and spent little to no time on what others do or stop doing. However, the answer to those questions that I mentioned at the beginning of this story about the way I conduct myself and my personal style comes down to two words: My queens.

Something magical happened when I went to College and met my very best friend Saribel del C. Sari was the first real Queen (who was not my mother) that I had ever met in person. I was not only mesmerized by her sense of style, super high heels, and kick ass runway walk from her room to our dorm showers and back; I was truly captivated by her no-nonsense approach to life, her wit, her overly smart brain, her drive, her out of the park respect for herself, and her resilience and solid character. Sari’s determination, courage, and overall super-sheroe entourage of intoxicating energy and wisdom all emanating from herself were fascinating. Sari knew when and how to kick ass, had an absolutely unapologetic lifestyle, and was on top of that drop-dead gorgeous. Ever since our first encounter I loved her and worshiped her, she was answering so many questions I did not know I had about life and myself. Sari validated me, reaffirmed me, and inspired me in so many ways that they are impossible to count. To this date, she inspires me and my heart sings every time I see her messages. I worship this queen and who she became and what she represents in my life.

Ever since Sari showed up into my life, my gratitude for her existence is always present. I believe that same gratitude was what allowed me to meet the second Queen. I met Caro M. in a similar way to Sari’s apparition in my life. I remember her exquisite Parisian taste and demeanor, her gorgeous hair flowing in the air, and her organizational skills when it came to packing and creating absolutely delightful arrangements and outfits. In addition, Carito had a very calm and wise approach to life and had the ability to laugh often and hard at all sorts of situations which felt very regal. She loved creating sophisticated yet pragmatic stories with her clothes and was truly aspirational for me. Carito had the knowledge of all designers and taught me what prêt-à-porter and couture meant as well as the proper care of high-end goods and the right approach to belongings: choosing a high-end durable asset instead of having many of less quality. More than anything she taught me how to waltz in life with the elegance of mind and heart regardless of the situation. We were so young, and she could quote Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn regardless of the situation in such a formidable way. I am forever grateful for her contributions to the person I was working on building.

The third and fourth queens in my life came together as the most amazing present that life could have ever given me. Three years after I had started my career, Patricia H and Cristina A walked into my life. I still feel the fortune and excitement that these mother of queens brought to my life. I worked about 20 hours a day for three years in a row with a never give up attitude and took my job as a matter of life or death and as I result I was incredibly successful in the ventures, I embarked on and was a little too serious. I met this incredible duo as we were launching the first program ever where governors of different parties in Mexico shared a stage and a joint initiative in history in one of the programs I designed and executed for my organization in Washington DC. Two beautiful, fun, witty, incredibly smart, hard workers and with a savoir fare impossible to match. They were ruling the world, Paty representing Mexican States in the US and Cristina a successful entrepreneur and a genius in fashion who represented great brands in Mexico, both of them incredibly famous and yet so warm and loving with me. They waltzed through life with such an exquisite and witty poise, both of them with their impeccable hair, professional makeup, and to die for sense of humor no matter the time of the day. I observed and realized, I could completely be me in my professional life, there was no reason to wear sober colors or timid dress and makeup. I saw them and felt a relief that I did not know I needed. I also understood that I could work super hard and still have the time of my life while doing so. We became very close friends, and I consider both of them foundational in the development of my aspirations in life—they validated me, reaffirmed me, taught me, yelled at me when I deserved it, and loved me so much. They gave me the best advice and opened the doors of their lives and their families to me with so much generosity. I am forever in debt to them for teaching me how to breathe deeply and feel the air on my face while working on my career and my professional accomplishments looking like me and feeling so good about it all.

My fifth queen, the patron of my Universe, Ms. Virgie P. I met my Virgie thirteen years ago; however, I did not recognize this queen right away, it wasn’t until we faced a challenging situation of a mutual friend where we were trying to be as helpful as possible by providing support to a family that we both loved very much. That situation allowed us to spend a considerable amount of hours together, and I was able to witness her amazing brain in action, her brilliance while dealing with all sorts of situations, an empathy that I had never witnessed before in my life, a journey of evolution that was so solid, raw, and authentic that you would want to buy a bottle or a case of it for life. Virgie showed me there are no problems that cannot be solved, that everyone has a reason for doing things, that everything is possible, and that every individual has what it takes from within to move forward and fight against anything life throws at them. She has an incredible style and sense of humor and is an amazing warrior of light. She has been able to identify problems and solutions that I really did not want to deal with and helped me to get the job done. Virgie’s ability to discern and articulate situations is outstanding, and she does it with the most graceful and most overwhelming coolness.

These queens taught me, inspired me, showed me, validated me, helped me be aspirational, supported me, and embraced me completely. Their magic and their incredible respect for themselves, wisdom, magnificent wit, sense of style, coolness, and understanding of life contributed to my dreams, growth, and evolution. Each of them represents a pillar of my life, and in addition, I have had the most amazing hard laughs of my life with them. I truly hope that you have your queens in life and if you don’t that you keep an eye for them so that you can find them, your eyes can only find what your mind is looking for. I thank these magical beings for lending me a little bit of their magic every step of the way. I have their magic dust in little bottles, and I open them when I need them the most.