Find Your Tribe


Have You Found Your Tribe?

Let’s just say, life is just not the same without a Tribe. There are so many studies about happiness and fulfillment, from Harvard to Stanford, that mention how incredibly important are relationships and the quality of them within the concept of happiness.  Also, there are books that speak about finding your element, my favorite was written by Sir Ken Robinson. According to him, your element resides where aptitude meets passion, and within that equation, he speaks about the importance of finding your tribe. Sir Robinson states that finding a reference group, people who understand and share the same passions that you do, helps in the pursuit of your passion.

“Connecting with people who share the same passions affirms that you are not alone; that there are others like you and that, while many may not understand your passion, some do. It doesn’t matter whether you like the people as individuals, or even the work they do. It’s perfectly possible that you don’t. What matters first is having validation for the passion you have in common. Finding your tribe brings the luxury of talking shop, of bouncing ideas around, of sharing and comparing techniques, and of indulging your enthusiasms or hostilities for the same things.”  Sir Ken Robinson, The Element.

Within The Modern Rule philosophy, finding your tribe is incredibly important because it allows you to flourish and expand, while giving you a great sense of belonging.  In my life, I have been incredibly fortunate to have found my tribe; it has expanded and supported me for my entire life. The code among us is a sacred one of loyalty, support, challenge and admiration.  The critical decisions in my life have been taken and bounced back with them. They are definitely smarter, funnier, and without a doubt more good-looking than me. The loyalty is unquestionable and each of us show up every time in the moments that matter to each other. I also laugh, work, and enjoy my life the most when we are together.

Even at a distance, we are always together.  If I have one wish for you, it would be for you to find your tribe. If you have not found it yet, stop and work on it because they do exist and they are probably waiting for you.  If you have your tribe, you know that having them is one of your greatest blessings. #IfYouJumpIJump.

One other thing: Frenemies do not need to apply.