Find Your Muse of Perspective


Find Your Muse of Perspective

Can I borrow your brain for a minute or maybe for an hour? this has probably been the question I have asked my sister more times than anything else in the last decade. I don’t know how I actually scored this high in life, having one of the brightest and wisest minds in the world sharing genes with me. A critical thing to mention at this point is that our personalities and ways to see and experience life could not be more opposite. Our relationship has evolved into something that I could have never imagined when we were younger.

I can tell you stories about how as we were growing up we drove each other crazy because we were so different but I will be lying.  I know I was the one who drove her nuts. This was truly justifiable, I was a wild horse in a hurry. Menchu (that is her name) didn’t drive me crazy I was actually scared to tell her things or for her to learn things I did because I knew better when I chose to behave in unorthodox manners. I suspected I was the one headache she would have for the rest of her life. As she observed me, silently and sometimes not so silently, somewhat annoyed by my audacious way of living life, I always felt safe. Somehow, I knew she was my lighthouse, always watching over me while I was navigating turbulent waters.

Since the moment I laid eyes on her for the first time when she was born when I was 4 years old,  I recognized her old soul and felt cascades of wisdom emanating from her eyes from that moment until today.

It was at least until our 30’s that we understood that far beyond the thick bond that we shared by blood, our role in each other's lives was a prominent one. A role that would completely enrich the way each other saw and lived life.

Frankly, I think I evolved from her headache to her other head.

What had made us so opposite while growing up was now the glue that sealed a rather incredible synergy: the diversity of perspectives and lenses from which each of us saw life. It completely allowed us to grow, evolve and experience life to the fullest, from different, exciting and intriguing angles.  

The learning and understandings of life were more comprehensive from then on and because of this, we were given premium access to enjoy life together while constantly asking each other for perspective and angles on any given situation.  I, by now know that my view of everything in life is always partial and if I want to have a better idea or get closer to understanding a situation, I need someone who thinks and acts and experiences life completely different than the way I do.  She has made my life much more robust, holistic and interesting. Sisters by blood but Ying and Yang by choice.

We make a pretty powerful team, she became my muse of perspective. If I think of one thing you can immediately do to enrich your life is to actively search for your muse of perspective.  I have to warn you, it feels quite uncomfortable a lot of times, your body will react in funny ways when you hear opposite perspectives, sometimes you will feel mad and probably misunderstood but if you can move yourself beyond those feelings and actually see this partnership as part of your springboard to evolution, I guarantee that your life will be better in an instant.  

One important thing is to recruit someone that you know is different than you but respects you and gives you a perspective from a good genuine place, someone who wants you to succeed and someone who will also benefit from your viewpoint and the unique way you experience life.  I will say it again, frenemies do not need to apply for the position. I truly hope you get inspired by the potential and the possibility of finding the Yang to your Ying. It is totally worth it and an immediate upgrade to your life.