Embracing Our Shadow and Our Light

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From theory to practice

 Embracing our Shadow and our Light

My dad used to say: Living is filling the words with content. I loved spending time with that phrase to figure and out what exactly he meant. As I love words and catchy phrases, my mind liked to wander around this phrase. In the journey of wellbeing, you can spend (at least for me) years learning about awareness, self-love, acceptance, releasing and all sorts of wellbeing concepts.

However, it is not until I get to experience challenges at a very intimate level that I truly understand and experience the magical release that happens when you are able to provide meaning and relevance to these concepts in a personal way.

The specific concept of Embracing our Shadow and our Light within ourselves is one that I was able to grasp at a conceptual level (at least that was what I thought), but it was not until recently that I got to fully experience the magic of understanding it fully.

I have had experienced tension with this concept since I went through a life change and I believe that I understood “embracing” the wrong way. My way of “embracing” my shadow and my light was “managing this tension” by recruiting all possible tools available to try to address it: exercise, meditation, manifestation, mindfulness, releasing, etc.

I was truly focused on managing the tension, but I was focusing solely on the logistical aspects. Feeling more relaxed, acknowledging my feelings, breathing deeply and so on.

It was not until one day recently that I opened my DailyOM, and the practice was about the following affirmation: I love myself in all ways, always. Going into autopilot, I wrote the affirmation several times in my notebook, and I believe that in the middle of the page I stopped myself and had an epiphany: I felt the magical release that happens when consciousness and awareness meet. It was in that moment that I sensed something wonderful flowing throughout my body. I finally got what Embracing our Shadow and our Light meant.

It was the first time in months that I felt the strain that I experienced from the imbalance of the shadow and the light within me dissipated. What I understood as “a tension that needed to be resolved” was never going to be resolved because my shadow and my light live in unity within me and together, they represent my life and my growth.

Embracing my shadow and my light means Loving myself in All Ways, always. A huge weight was lifted from my body. I could breathe flawlessly and felt the magic that happens when you fill the words with content. I think today is one of my happiest days ever as I embrace with love the unity of my shadow and my light.