And Then There Were Stars


Your personal and universal numbers for 2019


And Then There Were Stars

The Universal and your Personal Number of 2019

The plan was always to lay low on Dec 3st and not leave our house until 2019.  Letting the craziness, mischief and fireworks to the more patient or adventurous residents of Miami and of course, the tourist. I didn’t even wanted to cook so I ordered pizzas early in the night and thrown myself in the couch under the blinking lights of the xmas tree, perhaps for one last time this season; soft chill out music playing in the background.  It was a perfect early evening. that allowed me to catch up with friends and send them wishes for a successful and very fun night. Later on, we watched a great movie and then as it was ended, we started to hear from outside what sounded like early random fireworks.  it was 11:30 or so. 

Years past we have done different rituals to start the new year, and this we haven't prepared much. Still we wanted to do something to mark an important end and a new beginning.  We tried sitting in the living room, or in the patio next to our pool, they didn’t feel good. And then I thought of our bedroom balcony, we love it but don't use it enough.  yet, it felt right.  We sat on the balcony outside, we burned sage and talked about how incredibly good and at the same time tremendously hard 2018 was.  A year that a times was great and a times very very sad. And then we talk about what we wanted to leave behind us and what we wished for 2019.  I want to do more of what I love and to let life flow.

In numerology each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number, which resonates at a unique vibration.  We all feel this profound energy shift from Jan 1st to Dec 31st and it is called the Universal Year.   2019 is a 3.  A year of creativity, optimism and self-expression.  It emanates joy, optimism and communication. The world needs this year!  In addition,  everyone has a unique personal year number that colors your life with potential opportunities, challenges & gifts of insight.

Reading your unique Personal Year Number in conjunction with our Universal Year number, provides a deeper understanding of the greater cycles of Earth/Humanity and the influence this may have on your own experiences of your Personal Year.  To calculate your Personal Year number, simply take your day of birth, add it to your month of birth and then add this current year.  If the sum of these digits comes to a double digit, add these digits together to reduce the number to a single digit.   For example,  I was born the 23rd of November so I will add 2+3+1+1+2+0+1+9= 19.   Then add again until its reduced to a single number.  9+1 = 10.   1+0 = 1. 2019 is a a personal year 1 for me that means new beginnings, rebirth, start of a new cycle. now is time to plant seeds and embark upon new adventures, trusting more that the Universe will take care of me, as it has always have. We were sitting in recliners and the night was very dark.  The city soundtrack in the background.   And we turned off the lights. It was midnight  fireworks could be heard and the sky was illuminated from afar. . And I saw what I thought it was a plane, but looked like moving so fast.  I asked Alex if he saw it, he said, what is moving are the clouds. We look more intently and  then I saw a star and another, the sky was opening up just in front of us and tons of stars could be seen shinning down on us, with for moments not a cloud in the sky.  It was breathtaking.

For what it felt like a moment but was about an hour, we kept seeing the stars shinning some more than others and at times disappearing under rolling clouds mixed the smoke from fireworks. I was mesmerized, I thought about what it meant and feel  it is a sign about looking MORE up to possibilities and looking LESS down (or at the past).  The future is bright and shinny and right in front of me if I just have the patience to look up and wait for the clouds to pass. And the shinning opportunities  are there, right in front of me, even when I cant really see them through all the smoke and confusion. It was a spectacular night without a single picture, just the image of the bright shinning stars engraved on my soul.

It’s going to be a great year I can feel it.  It’s not just what you say at the beginning of every year.  This is different. I saw it last night and I can see it now. I truly wish it for you too.  I encourage you to find your personal year.  Once you have your number, just search on the internet for what your personal number means and learn more about it.  Whatever challenge comes your way will also have the added value of the creativity and optimism that  the Universal 3 brings in 2019 to all of us.  And I am sending you a big kiss that taste like ocean breeze in a hot and humid  sunny day., and a cozy and heavy hug.   

¡Bienvenido 2019!

 Im so ready. 

Let's go!  


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