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The people, places and the experiences we encounter on a daily basis can provide the inspiration we need to take another step and move us further in life. For me and my family, music is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. We hope our playlists also inspire you to take your next step with confidence or enjoy a time with family and friends.


Sounds like a rainbow after a long rainy day and feels like the warmth of Spring is finally here.

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By far, this is our favorite season of all. At The Modern Rule family we love to celebrate our bicultural life with traditions and rituals. We are super excited to celebrate Halloween and Día de Muertos. We have the best times decorating the house and preparing it for Halloween. Fall is filled with great moments and we cannot wait to share some of those moments with you. Ruben’s playlist for Fall features songs from A Star Is Born, Hotel Transylvania 3 and other great tunes for all of us.

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My brother Rubén creates the best seasonal playlists ever since he got his hands on his first cassette player back in the 80s. All playlists capture the season and mood of the time and it's always fun to literally look [hear] back in time through music. My family and I are always excited to listen to his playlists and today, I am happy to share the songs that have filled our homes this Summer. Songs that feel and smell like frozés, sand, pools, Mexican food, tintos de verano, friendship and laughter. Enjoy!

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—Inspiration for Change PLAYLIST—

In the months leading up to my resignation, and with the help of my dear Santiago, Carmina and Menchu, we compiled a list of favorite songs that inspired all of us to be brave, get excited for change and allowed us to be melancholic from time to time.

It's a collection of songs that we've always loved, some new songs that we found last year mostly through [PG] movies we watched together, events or just by pure coincidence. Enjoy!