Struggling with Future Potential Scenarios


There are triggers in our lives that programmed us to feel pain just with the mere speculation of potential scenarios for our future. It happens when we anticipate some potential danger, reprimand, discussion or an undesired scenario. The reality is that none of those future projections have happened yet. You are feeling bad over the possibility of it. How can you shift into an experience of ease?.

  1. Come back to the present moment

  2. Acknowledge that nothing has happened yet

  3. Claim your Flow and Joy, breath and find it

  4. Acknowledge you are the creator and allow yourself to find your flow

  5. Visualize the sun suddenly bursting out from a dark cloudy sku

  6. If your intent is to find joy you will find it thinking of the things and spaces that give you a sense of joy.

  7. Breath and say this affirmation I AM THE CREATOR BEING IN A CONTINUOS FLOW OF EASE AND JOY

  8. Practice this every time you feel anxiety about potential scenarios in your future, this exercise takes practice so don’t get frustrated if it does not work at the first try, like everything in life, it takes practice.

I hope this exercise is useful for you, it has helped me.

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