Opening Pathways


Sri Chinmoy says: “ Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.”. It has been a tough journey for me, the journey of understanding that being truly hard on myself and utilizing an unkind vocabulary to describe my circumstances and myself were more than an unfortunate choice. I learned that in the journey of opening pathways to abundance in every area of my life I had no matter what to REMAIN kind and loving to myself. At the same level of love and kindness that I give to others. This hard realization did not come cheap, it took an enormous amount of pain (in my case) for me to realize that I needed to stop judging me so hard and mistreating me in the way. I am telling you now so that in your journey wherever you are at, you give yourself the same love and kindness that you give to the rest of your loved ones, you will see how much easier things will find you.

Sweater: English Factory
Shop: Shoptiques

Sequin Skirt: H&M
Shop: ShopBop (similary)

Booty: Giuseppe Zanotti
Shop: Giuseppe Znotti (similary)

Bag: YSL
Shop: Yves Saint Laurent (similary)