Managing Ourselves


If we allow ourselves to loose our balance with every piece of negative news that comes our way, we may be given our emotions too much power. Also our thoughts can be very off sometimes, one of my favorites rules from The Modern Rule is “Don’t believe everything you think”. Our thoughts can be our worst enemy as they populate and obsessed over what will happen next .

If our feelings and our thoughts get off rail we may be caught up in the confusion that surround us. On the other hand if we can manage ourselves and identify the stillness at the center of our hearts, is possible to find the composure in almost every situation. In addition we will be able to be a source of support and calmness for others.

Cultivating our inner clarity is doable, there are a number of tools available to us: meditation, journaling, reading inspirational or self-development blogs and exercising. All of these will lead us to a place inside of us where we are centered, balanced and calm.

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