The Blame Game


The power of personal responsibility is amazing. It is customary in our society to get trapped in the blame game. This game is about making everything and everyone responsible for whatever happens in our life. The truly bad thing with this game is that NO ONE WINS. When we make people or circumstances responsible for what happens to us we are Giving our Power to them. This has devastating results for our ability to grow and the evolution of our quality of life. We need to take our life and claim responsibility for the conscious and unconscious manifestation of the things that happen to us. This is the only way and opportunity we have to a GREAT LIFE of self-love and evolution, taking a 100 % responsibility. If we decide to play victim (less than 100 %) or martyr ( more than 100%) in the game of responsibility we become powerless and unable to live your best life. 100% of responsibility is the Magic Number.

Dress: Misha Collection
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Shoes: Christian Louboutin Talitha Platform Red Sole Pump, Gold
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Ring: Chloe P Initial
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