Listen to Yourself


We live our lives most of the time in automatic pilot. We say things to ourselves that are not true, we exaggerate to feel better or worse, and we use language that is hurtful without even knowing we are doing it or why we do it. We are letting the programming in the automatic pilot lead our lives. We must TAKE THE REIGNS back and truly be in charge of our lives, the choices we make and the things we choose to say. We need to have conversations with ourselves and others that are calm, clear and conscious. When we let the automatic pilot ride us through life we give away our ability to interact with ourselves and others in a kind, honest and helpful way. This week pay attention of the words that come out of your mouth, the things that you say to yourself and others, you will catch your automatic pilot trying to regain control but don't let him, you will then feel what taking control of your life feels like.

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