I love Paris in the Winter


Dress: Carbon 38
Shop: Yoox (similar)

Boots: Nasty Gal
Shop: Luisa Vía Roma (similar)

Husband Blazer: El Ganso
Shop: El Corte Ingles

Bag: YSL
Shop: Yves Saint Laurent (similar)

I am heading to the Holidays with my mama and I am super excited to feel her love, warmth and emotional and physical embrace. Magic Hugs are her specialty. I am also wearing my husband’s jacket today. It is super fun to borrow some of his favorite pieces from El Ganso. I am also excited to spend time with some of my besties, the year came with many surprises and big decisions, I have processed each of these life changes with a sense of adventure but also In the midst of it all, I had times where everything that was happening felt like riding a roller coaster. In the midst of everything I found the unconditional support and encouragement of my true partners in crime and also was surprised of others who showed me their love and warmth and I was not expecting it. As I head to my holidays I feel gratitude for you, lucky of having you, fortunate to share our journeys and hopeful and positive about what the future will bring to all of us. I wish you an avalanche of abundance, prosperity and blessings. To living our journeys celebrating our uniqueness and working toward our better versions all while being kind, present, grateful and supportive of all of those around us.