Feeling Scared


Regardless of what see in social media or how you perceived everyone’s life is, we all have lows and highs. At times we all feel scare in different aspects of our lives, feeling that we are heading nowhere or that we have not met certain timeline.

No matter how brave, put together, courageous, strategic or strong we are, we all feel it. Our fears may be safety, not feeling well, living harsh circumstances or financial stress and they are all valid. Here are some things to do to move fear into a different space.

  1. Acknowledging them is the first step to make us feel better, giving ourselves permission to be scared let us move through our fears so that we can let it go.

  2. Sharing our apprehensions with others people can make our fear less overwhelming because we are not letting them grow inside of us. In addition, it will give us an opportunity to listen for a different perspective and also feel that support we need, we are not alone.

  3. Know that everything in life is seasonal and there are people around you than can help you through this moment.

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