The Effects of Detoxing


There is a handful of activities or substances that we engage with on a regular basis that we know are not good for us. Whether it is too much binge watching, drinking alcohol or eating unhealthy foods. All of these have an effect on your self-esteem.

A quick way to feel better is to commit and abstain from any of these habits for a week. Whether it is sugar, carbs or alcohol, you will feel re-energized and rejuvenated. Doing this could motivate you to make long lasting improvements in your lifestyle.

Three Easy Steps to Detoxing for a Week

  1. For the next week give up one thing to detox your mind, body or soul

  2. Think of things you can do to replace this behavior (drinking more water, exercising every morning, reading a book, catching up with your friends by calling them, starting a project you have been wanting to do).

  3. Think of a way to reward yourself this week. Take the time to recognize your effort. This will give you a major boost to your wellbeing.

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