Real Self-Acceptance


”Real Self-Acceptance honors who we are in the moment but also embraces our constant movement forward. It accepts and transforms whatever sorrow we might have about the past but also invites endless possibilities for growth” Edward Vilga. I have transformed how I look at things, although the new is always exciting, there is something very magical about the treasures we find in our own house that for some reason gotten forgotten. As I have explored my surroundings inside of me and outside of me I have found a solid foundation of treasures I collected over the years and the possibilities of the new horizon. I love this dress and here I paired it with a bow from our very own collection “Exquisite Life”, I can wear this dress a significant amount of ways: strapless, with sleeves, with the Exquisite Life bow in the back, with the bow around the waste or in my shoulder. The feeling of possibilities is delightful.

Dress: Misha Collection
Shop: Shopbob

Necklace: Necklace: Eddie Borgo Allure Chain
Shop: The Real Real

Shoes: Yandy
Shop: Yandy

Ring: Carolina Herrera
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