As I embarked in a journey of well being and consciousness what I have learned is that our feelings of worthiness or unworthiness are what dictates how much abundance, love, success, pleasure and fun we will allow ourselves to receive. As I started building my new company and my endeavor of writing this blog, I realized how attached our feelings of self worth are tied up with what we do, what we have accomplished and how we look. That is not true worthiness, our worth does not come from our successes and our looks. It was so hard for me to realize that our self worth comes from who we are and not what we do. We MUST work on this feeling of worthiness every day, we must check in with our souls on a daily basis, who we are and who we are becoming is what is important, we need to make a conscious effort to find and appreciate our own value. Make the powerful choice of engaging with yourself in the most intimate way, working in your evolution and best version and leaving behind those thoughts, behaviors and choices that make you feel unworthy. You are Wonderful and have the choice of making the right choices for you, the ability to work on who you are and who you are becoming.

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