Letting Go


“When we learn to let go, more energy flows and less effort is needed”

When things don't go as planned and you feel really passionate about your goals, it is easy to become overwhelmed and when that happens we tend to try to force things to go our way. In the process of doing so, our entire body feels the tension and the stress that we are experiencing. Our minds send signals of control to the body and that is when our body tenses and we start experiencing back and muscle pain, as a result of this regid tension. This tension creates knots in our bodies and these knots block the fluidity of our energy. We exhaust ourselves trying to control the situation and by doing so we end up accomplishing less. At this time believe or not we need to honor our feelings and after doing so we need to let go. It sounds easier than it is but we need to take a deep breath and let go the idea of the outcome and allow the wisdom that the universe possess to drive the things that fit together for our own benefit and the higher good. At this point, we have to release the fear of consequences, knowing everything is going to be ok, realizing that in most cases, the worst thing that can happen isn't that bad. We can seek help of a loved one or our muse of perspective so that we have someone to walk things through. Another way of dealing with mental tension is to prioritize our to do list. When we relax and let go little by little we start accomplishing more with less effort and unblock our body inviting the energy to flow gracefully through us.

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