Taking it to the Next Level


In order to advance powerfully and achieve the results we want, we ought to take risks. A thorough analysis of ourselves to find out where we continue to play small in our lives is needed. Confronting the resistance that we organically possess to enter the unknown is necessary. We need to transform the way we do things and the way we think to go to the next level and attain success, fulfillment, intimacy, love, prestige whatever we want. To do this, we need to face our fears and feel the vulnerability that comes with it. It is a very uncomfortable space, but what is the alternative: living a life getting the same results, doing the same things and leaving behind our potential and living a life of adventure, purpose and meaning?. Identify one aspect of your life in which you are not getting the desired results, understand the approaches: you have used to achieve those results. Write down 5 actions you could do that are different from your previous strategy, you could ask for help, find a tool that will help you achieve the results you want or try the opposite approach of what you are currently doing. You can also talk to your muse of perspective (to read more about how to find a muse of perspective go to blogs) and ask him or her how would they approach your situation and which tactics and strategies would they use?. It is going to take some courage but you will be embracing real transformation by letting the old go and embracing the new.

Overall Dress: Forever 21
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Trouser: Carbon 38
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Jacket: Dior Vintage
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Handbag: Celine
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