Why are We So Hard on Ourselves


Some days we are hard on ourselves without realizing that when we do it our entire body is receiving the message that we are not good enough. As I was reading my daily meditation, I realized that as human beings we have a tendency of putting ourselves down. Whether is subtle or not as subtle we get mad at ourselves for all sorts of things. I used to get very upset when I got sick and this indicates that I was been unkind to my body and my soul. I learned today that whenever we are hard on ourselves we are sending the message to our body that we are not good enough. These messages get stuck on our minds and sooner or later we would need to address that fact. In addition, we waste valuable energy that we need to push through our hard days with kindness and compassion, that energy is gold and if we waste it this way we will not be able to get it back. Do you remember the last time that someone made you feel that you were not good enough. Just the thought of it created a feeling in your body that was not good, right?. Be aware of this fact so that next time that you are being hard on yourself you remember that you need to stop, breathe and treat yourself with kindness so that you can perform at the level that you want to perform and around good energy.

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