Looks with Purpose

Looks with small reflections to help us navigate our evolution

We are co-creators

I need to be reminded by my mind and heart constantly that there is an incredibly creative part in achieving our goals whether or not we consider ourselves artistic or incentive thinkers.

We use this energy at the conception of a plan, and also along the stages in order to work with the Universe brings into play.
Success comes from holding tight to our goals while allowing adjustments along the way to fine tune the process into alignment with the Universe’s energy flow.

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the journey to success

The journey to achieving success in your life goals is always filled with the flexibility to modify and adapt our time lines and our strategies. As a matter of fact this is truly essential to growing and evolving our processes and modifying our perspectives with the information that we get daily, this informed our plans.

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Centering ourselves

When we interact with the world around us in a calmer and ultimately more effective way when we have centered ourselves so that our response to outside stimuli is comprised of a balanced mix of emotion and rationality we have found “Equilibrium”.

Equilibrium is the key that allow us to unlock the doors to our potential because it guides us away from choices that are representative of only one side of ourselves. We are less vulnerable to get trapped in behaviors that appeal only to pure logic or pure passion.

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Realizing Your Luck

It is important to make a hard stop in our busy lives to realize how lucky we are today and how blessed we are to have had so many opportunities in our lives.

A good way to show the Universe how grateful you are is sharing something with people less fortunate than us, someone who needs it.

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Managing ourselves

If we allow ourselves to loose our balance with every piece of negative news that comes our way, we may be given our emotions too much power. Also our thoughts can be very off sometimes, one of my favorites rules from The Modern Rule is “Don’t believe everything you think”. Our thoughts can be our worst enemy as they populate and obsessed over what will happen next .

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“We have found that by reaching for what appears to be the impossible, we often actually do the impossible, and even when we don’t quite make it, we inevitably wind up doing much better than we would have done”

This is a quote from Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE. I learned this in one of my courses and he is the one to blame for creating the concept of “Stretch Goals” , although it was also mentioned in my course that the term has been around for centuries.

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Authenticity and Evolution

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”

Jung’s quote underlines that being authentic is a lifelong journey. Evolution and checking in with ourselves in our different stages must be part of our process of being true to ourselves.

In addition, we change all the time, who we were a year ago is different from who we are today or yesterday. We must be checking in with ourselves continuously as well as commit to working on building our better selves and stretching our potential to become who we are meant to be.

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Feeling Scare

Regardless of what see in social media or how you perceived everyone’s life is, we all have lows and highs. At times we all feel scare in different aspects of our lives, feeling that we are heading nowhere or that we have not met certain timeline.

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Giving Up Excuses

The problem with the excuses that we create for ourselves and others is that we often mistake them for the truth.

“I did not have the resources” “I don’t have time” “I could not help” “It is too much work and I can’t do it.” All those excuses are keeping us from realizing our goals and living our best version of ourselves.

To work on our best versions and accomplishing our goals we must give up all the excuses we have created that prevent us from being happier and more productive.

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Intercepting Self Sabotage

At times, when we are not getting the results and outcomes in our life it may be that we are self sabotaging somewhere.

Self-sabotage is an indication that we are punishing ourselves for something, and not treating ourselves as the worthy, incredible and important individuals we are.

If we find ourselves making conscious or unconscious choices that derail us from attaining our desired goals; if we can identify things that we should be doing and you find ourselves repeatedly not doing them; if you say you are committed to one objective and your actions reflect that you are committed to another, the solution is rather simple: Self-love is the antidote to self-sabotage.

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Forgive yourself

Self-forgiveness is the key component to living a whole and extraordinary life. Forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and shortcomings is an act of courage.

We liberate ourselves from the weight of the bonds from our past and open the door to a new you and a new future.

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Opening your Space

Breathing is the best vehicle one can use for opening our space and expanding our experiences. To give ourselves space is a gift. We have plenty of space in our physical body to go within and explore with our breath. Spending time inside ourselves opens the doors of our own wisdom and it is essential to balance the outer experience and our inner one. If you practice breathing in peace and traveling within with the help of your breath you will open your space to positive experiences and mindfulness.

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struggling with potential scenarios of the future.

There are triggers in our lives that programmed us to feel pain just with the mere speculation of potential scenarios for our future. It happens when we anticipate some potential danger, reprimand, discussion or an undesired scenario. The reality is that none of those future projections have happened yet. You are feeling bad over the possibility of it. How can you shift into an experience of ease?.

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The Blame Game

The power of personal responsibility is amazing. It is customary in our society to get trapped in blame game. This game is about making everything and everyone responsible for whatever happens in your life. The truly bad thing with this game is that NO ONE WINS. Giving our Power to people and circumstances has some devastating results for your ability to grow and the quality of your life.

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Acknowledging your greatness

Contrary of what we have been told it is a necessary activity of self- love to acknowledge our skills, talents and gifts. This does not diminishes the others around us. As we feel the energy of being positive about ourselves, others will be inspire to shine as well. According to my daily OM self-love means loving ourselves enough to allow all of our magnificence to be seen. This week claim your greatness.

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have some fun

It has been such a journey for me these past months that I truly forgot that having fun and playing and spending time with things that are not so serious are important if not vital for sanity. We dont value this aspect of our life as much as we need to. By doing things we love for the sake of enjoyment we get re-energized and rejuvenated. Having fun is a necessary activity to nourish and feed our bodies and our minds at our deepest levels. Schedule some time this week to have fun and enjoy the great benefits it will give to your life.

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The Lie someone told us

Anais Nin says that shame is the lie that someone told you about yourself. As I have embarked in this journey of self acceptance and clearing the pathway of abundance I learned that some of the shame which is the result of harsh self judgement is actually inherited and unconsciously accepted or even forced upon us. Think about the things that you are most ashamed of, is this based on your own beliefs or something you have inherited from someone else and accepted it as is.

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Releasing Shame

Carl Jung used to say: :The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” We spent the entire last week speaking about the detrimental effects of judgement. As we continue with our reflections on things or behaviors that may be holding us back we need to see that the result of all that hard judgment on ourselves is shame. This week we will be talking about releasing shame which will be easier since we already now where does it come from

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Sri Chinmoy says: “ Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.”. It has been a tough journey for me, the journey of understanding that being truly hard on myself and utilizing an unkind vocabulary to describe my circumstances and myself were more than an unfortunate choice. I learned that in the journey of opening pathways to abundance in every area of my life I had no matter what to REMAIN kind and loving to myself. At the same level of love and kindness that I give to others.

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