Obsession with Cartier Eau de Toilette

I just love a fresh scent and I wear one every day, this is my MOST favorite. It is a unisex fragrance and it is my signature scent. It is a breeze of fresh air combined with a citric scent. I am working with Perfumeria Flora to create a fragrance for The Modern Rule “Limited Edition Eau de Toilette” and it is going to be unisex and also very cool and fresh, we are truly excited with this collaboration.

Esta esencia es mi favorita, es fresca, divertida y memorable. Esta esencia es definitivamente la que mas he usado en toda mi vida. Nosotros estamos por sacar una fragancia unisex con esencias cítricas y frescas en colaboración con Perfumería Flora de la marca The Modern Rule. Estamos muy emocionados con esta colaboración.


Eau de Cartier

Shop: Cartier http://bit.ly/2v7RhCk