Obsession with Big Bouncy Curls for the Holidays

I love big bouncy curls and in order to get the bounce I love I need to go "old school". We curl the hair with a big curling iron and right after each curl we clip it. After we have done all the curls I wait at least three hours before I pull the clips out. I love this effect but I can only do it if I am not in a rush because the process takes a few hours. I focus on the benefit more than the time consuming process and I think it is totally worth it. My hair looks not only shiny and healthy but totally bouncy.

Amo unos rulos grandes y con mucho movimiento. Para lograr este efecto lo que hacemos es marcar los rulos con la tenaza e inmediatamente después los ponemos en anchoas con unos clips. Este estilo requiere tener el cabello en clips por lo menos por tres horas. Es un proceso mas largo de lo normal pero para mi vale totalmente la pena.


Big Bouncy Curls

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